Quilt 19

H 130cm x W 190cm
Cotton and Bamboo


This was a commission for a dear friend, Nadim. It is all about the belly.  One side takes the shape of the iconic ‘Egg’ building in Beirut, an incomplete cultural centre which, as a result of the civil war, was postponed and never realised, leaving the early concrete, egg-like structure of the auditorium exposed. The opposite side is a distillation of the shopfront of  ‘Le Chef’ restaurant in Beirut, much loved by Nadim.

Among the garments used were Nadim’s ancient Margaret Howell shirts, Fergus’s jacket worn from blue to pale purple, the Issey Miyake dress worn by Annabelle’s mother to Nadim’s wedding and the beautiful Danish kitchen towels which lined the drawers of Nadim’s mother’s kitchen in Beirut.