Quilt 37

H 122cm x W 126cm
Cotton and Silk


For Quilts 37 and 38 we have subverted our usual approach to the clothes we use. In this case, we have taken a Plantation dress by Issey Miyake belonging to Annabelle’s mother, Elizabeth Henderson, and used the dress itself as the quilt. Quilt 37 being the front of the dress and Quilt 38 the back.

We were taken by the idea of the quilt as a monolith – the dress standing apart. This, along with the ‘markings’ in the pattern of the fabric of the dress, lead us to the standing stones at Avebury stone circle in Wiltshire. We have quilted the outline of an approximation of two of the stones on each of the two quilts.

The iconography of Power Stations is something that has intrigued us, and in this case they lend themselves well to this idea of the monolith, so we have used the form of the demolished chimney at Inverkip Power Station on the Firth of Clyde on the reverse of Quilt 37 and the cooling tower of Pinkston Power Station in Glasgow, also demolished, on the reverse of Quilt 38. The pieces of clothing we selected for these try to describe the tones of grey in the stones at Avebury. These outlined forms sit amongst a collection of white Comme des Garçons shirts belonging to the curator Stefan Kalmar.