Quilt 51

H 165cm x W 158cm
Cotton, Manmade Fibre and Silk


This quilt is the third in a series of three quilts that we have made that respond to three Irish work shirts we were given, each worn to its limits, rich with the patina of much love and toil. Each of the three quilts uses one of the shirts in its entirety. Once unpicked we have reconstructed the shirt to occupy both the front and back of the quilt. In this case, once the pocket, collar, cuffs and half placket were removed from the shirt, we minimised the amount of unpicking necessary to lay the front and back of the shirt flat in a single piece, which is positioned  on the front of the quilt. As with quilt 46, the residual pieces are then composed on the reverse of the quilt, in this case placed in a line almost anatomically.