Quilt 50

H 165cm x W 119cm
Cotton and Silk


To mark Quilt no. 50, we decided to make a quilt that solely described one of Annabelle’s mother’s Issey Miyake tunic shirts made as part of his Plantation collection. Once unpicked we were delighted to discover it came apart on just two pieces. We have composed the pieces together, conceiving the front and the back of the quilt as a single piece that is then folded in half around the silk wadding. The three colourful squares are positioned directly above and mirror the pockets on the lower half of the shirt, which forms a perfect rectangle. The quilting is take on the access of the top piece of the shirt, which highlights it’s symmetrical nature. Elizabeth Henderson, Annabelle’s mother, was a collector of hands, one of which has been added to the quilt’s composition.